My process looks quite simple on the paper, but is much complexed in a real life. User experience design is all about users, and this is what I focus on. I follow the UX cycle path:
discovery - analyse - prototype - test - design - refine - and back to the beginning again

Discovery - find out who you are and who are your clients, what is the problem, goal and why
Analyse - understand your market, industry, competition
Prototype - create a solution idea
Test - test the solution idea with users
Design - build the solution into the product
Refine - analyse if the product works for users
go back to the beginning and carry on work on the further solutions keep improving the product
That's my initial consultation, often via skype or phone. You will explain your problem or the idea, and I will share my thoughts, suggestions, first ideas. If you are heading somewhere but not sure how to start, call me. It's free.

Following the initial free call you can hire me for consultation on the project you have to do. You will define the problem you want me to deal with on your website or the app. I will investigate the issue, perform appropriate tests and initial research to suggest direction to go. One consultation per one problem. The consultation project may take between 2 to 5 days.
from: £1000/consultation

If one off consultation is not enough. Best for bigger projects, or more complexed problems on web and apps. You will explain where are you now and where are you heading. I will analyse the problem, perform research, tests, create prototype and design the solution. The length of contract depends on the project.
from: £250/day, or £50/hour
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